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Hello,I’m Daniel Nilsson

My passion is to help people and organizations grow with validated tools and success formulas. Over 300 000 people have used my creations with fantastic results and my objective is to help over 100 million people. I hope I can help you too. Please check out my company Up Strategy Lab, where we deliver real strategies to scale companies.

Daniel Nilsson

Tools to help you

I just wanted to thank you for making your work public. I got our partner program presentation from and have used it as inspiration for further development of our company's partner program.

Casper Gerner, Denmark, Business Developer & Strategy Consultant

Thanks Daniel! This was really useful! Trying to put it to use now!

Kevin Jun Zeng Chan (@kevincjz) , CEO & Co-founder at Coursepad at Coursepad

Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for.... just started heading up sales at an agency and trying to craft their story, needed some basics and these are just what the Dr ordered!

Mary Samson, USA, Director of Accounts at Remedy

I’ve recently started working for a B2B sales company & I came to read your slides about defining the sales process. It was very effective.

Melbin Thomas, USA, Marketing Manager at TAVUS Global

Luckily I found your sharings online, such as '12 steps to build a professional Partner program', which I printed out as my bible now! Thank you for your generous sharing, and hope you have still been working on fantastic projects.

Sebastian Tan, Singapore, Fintech Strategy and Corporate Development

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