After months of countless discussions and daydreams about doing something impactful and being able to start something of our own, Noel Braganza and I are ready to introduce Up Strategy Lab to the world, a design-driven and customer-centric business laboratory that focus on delivering real-strategies with hands-on practical knowledge to help businesses scale up. We are a design-driven and customer-centric business laboratory. Check out our Website at

Up Strategy Lab also believes and invests in people and projects that make the world a betterplace and particularly in founders who identify themselves as women, persons of colour, and/orLGBTQ through our Accelerator Programme.

One of the most important things we almost never work without at Up Strategy Lab is music. It helps us focus and collaborate in a rhythm together. Noel Braganza and I thought it might be cosy for you to join in bobbing heads together to our first public playlist β€˜Starman’ while you work too 😊Listen to the Mixtape