A popular marketing model

The SOSTAC ® marketing model, created by PR Smith, is a popular and widely used model for marketing and business planning. Whether you're creating an overall marketing or digital marketing strategy or improving individual channel tactics like SEO or email marketing, this is the tool to use.

SOSTAC ® stands for;

  • Situation – where are we now?
  • Objectives – where do we want to be?
  • Strategy – how do we get there?
  • Tactics – how exactly do we get there?
  • Action – what is our plan?
  • Control – did we get there?

The model offers a logical order for tackling your plan, and you can use it to assess your processes critically. I guess the reason for its popularity is that it is simple and easy to understand and use. I use it a lot, and I think it offers a perfect approach.

An infographic applying SOSTAC ® to digital marketing

Smart Insights created the infographic below, and I think it offers a great approach to understand and follow the model quickly and it is large enough to be printed. Just save it to your computer and then print it.

PR Smith's SOSTAC Marketing Model - Top Ranked Planning System

How to use the SOSTAC ® marketing model

In the video below, PR Smith explains how to use the model in just 4 minutes.

Infographic - Key Planning activities

PR Smith has also developed this great infographic that gives a visual view of key planning activities that are needed as part of the process of producing an integrated digital marketing or multichannel marketing plan.

SOSTAC RACE marketing growth wheel smart insights prsmith

A SOSTAC ® Plan example

PR Smith has an example of how they applied SOSTAC ®, and I think it can be a great guide and inspiration as you start to use this model. To see the example, click HERE.

SOSTAC® is a registered trademark of PR Smith. For more information on SOSTAC® Planning & becoming a SOSTAC® Certified Planner visit www.SOSTAC.org