ResumeDaniel Nilsson

Full Name

Daniel Nilsson

Day of birth

December 1977


Gothenburg, Sweden



Resume Daniel Nilsson

Career Statement | Executive Summary

My business cards have said such things as Chief Operating Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, and Chief Commercial Officer. But when you get right down to it, what value do I provide? – I’m a marketer, an entrepreneur, a support specialist, a salesperson, an energy beam, a relationship builder, a content creator, a geek, a communicator, a global citizen, an efficiency advocate, a person you can trust, a natural leader and a fan of meditation and yoga.

I believe growth is founded on a customer-centric approach. The right idea and perspective are essential to be successful. Finding it, require centuries of experience and a constant desire to learn. My passion is to help organizations and people grow. It’s what makes me excited, what makes me feel alive and what makes me go up early in the morning. The value I provide is the passion, finding the right idea and perspective for Growth in every unique situation. If you want to know more check out my company Up Strategy Lab

Personal Success Stories

Worked with co-founders of Cryptzone Group AB to grow the company from no revenue or employees into a thriving organization with 61 employees, 6,5 million EUR in annual revenue and 850 clients located in 34 countries.

Founded Sweden’s leading student magazine, Metro Student, a publication later purchased by Metro and distributed throughout Sweden, in a fiercely competitive market with a budget of only 2,000 Euros.

Designed free tools for growth that have so far been used by over 300 000 people.

Designed the world’s leading tool for building partner programs.

Created over 80 global partnerships and MNO deals for Appland (LATAM, ASIA, Europe and Middle East)

Founded One Life Dreams because I believe every child should have the opportunity to be loved and the possibility to fulfill their dreams. So far we touched over 1000 children and inspired 1 billion people. Read more HERE and HERE

Created a customer centric approach for Mentice by transforming the customer service department which resulted in a 100% customer satisfaction rate and reduced response time from several days to 8 – 12 hours.

Transformed Mentice from good to amazing by completing more than 60 sales and marketing projects close to 100 000 EUR under budget in 12 months, including creating and implementing a new marketing strategy, developing a new sales process, rebranding the company through marketing and advertising and significantly improve internal communication by creating effective policies and procedures.


CEO & Co-founder – Up Strategy Lab

(2019 – Present)

We deliver real strategies, hands-on practical knowledge and clear actions to help you scale your business and level-up. We are a design-driven and customer-centric business laboratory. Up Strategy Lab also believes and invests in people and projects that make the world a better place and particularly in founders who identify themselves as women, persons of colour, and/or LGBTQ through our Accelerator Programme.

Co-founder & Operations Leader – One Life Dreams

(2016 – Present)

Aviad Arik Herman and I founded this organization because we believe every child should have the opportunity to be loved and the possibility to fulfill their dreams. Our purpose is to inspire people to make dreams come true no matter how unachievable they may seem to be. So far we touched over 1000 children and inspired 1 billion people. Read more HERE and HERE.

Chief Commercial Officer – Appland

(2015 – 2019)

Responsible for growth and creating customer-centric partnerships with organizations in all regions of the world. Rebranded the company and implemented modern marketing and sales processes. Identified and recruited 30 partners globally to sell a new solution. Partners are currently pitching to over 300 potential prospects and they closed so far over 80 agreements with operators, OEMs and mobile commerce experts. Example customers are Telenor Group, Vodafone, Axiata Group, Ooredoo, Smart and Globe.

Founder – Daniel Nilsson Insights

(2013 – 2018)

Founded this company as my passion project to help grow people and organisations. I create growth with strategies, coaching, tools, processes and hands-on tips. I believe that time and resources are wasted on doing the wrong things. By sharing my experience, I am helping others and give back.

Chief Marketing Officer – Mentice

August 2013 – August 2015
(5 months) Gothenburg, Sweden

Oversee operation of the Service and Marketing Departments while supervising staff of nine as member of senior management team. Established and maintain trusting relationships with employees based on my dedication to the company’s overall team, including employees not directly under my supervision, Mentice and the need to provide superb customer service. Convinced senior management to invest time and money in revamping how Mentice provides support to its customers. Persuaded management to create a Customer Service Department and trained internal employees to use platform. Recruited a Manager of Customer Service and continue to coach the individual to provide superior customer service. Completed more than 60 sales and marketing projects, including acquiring and implementing SalesForce in less than one year, 94,500 EUR under budget (15% of total) within first twelve months. Rebranded the company’s public’s perception by new logo, graphical profile and values. Created a new sales process, support system and portal and developed new policies, structures and procedures. Initiated company-wide cultural change by refocusing staff efforts on providing superior service to Mentice’s customers. Created a customer support website that quickly had nearly 16,000 page views with an average visitor stay of more than 5 ¼ minutes. Conceived of and executed a new marketing strategy, including a content marketing strategy involving the creation of white papers, videos and webinars to better promote Mentice’s current and new products.

Partner – R2B

August 2013 – August 2015
(5 months) Gothenburg, Sweden

Researched and evaluated new business opportunities for venture capital investment. Created strategy to invest funds in new companies that had the ability to provide high returns. Built a partnership program in preparation for a significant investment in The Tele2 Group. The Tele2 Group emulated this innovative partnership program and currently uses it in its Machine to Machine Communications Division.

COO – Mopper AB

September 2012 – June 2013
(10 months) Stockholm, Sweden

Acted as the company’s interim COO to create a new business strategy for the mobile commerce market. Directed team members in creating a sound business case and comprehensive marketing, sales, support, service and partner strategy. Researched technical solutions to support developed strategies. Identify and manage technology partners. Improved the company’s social media presence and website.

COO & Chief Business Development Officer - Cryptzone

August 2003 – August 2012
(9 years 1 month) Göteborg, Sweden

Collaborated with company’s Chief Executive Officer to address personnel issues related to Cryptzone’s 61 employees. Developed corporate strategy and defined the direction of the company in my role as senior executive. Oversaw the day-to-day operations of the Marketing and Professional Services Departments. Managed two teams consisting of 15 employees each. Recruited and trained employees. Developed and handled business improvement projects and administrative routines. Motivated team members while managing four mergers and acquisitions. Introduced Cryptzone to the North American market which became the company’s most profitable market. Created and managed Cryptzone’s partner training program which attracted more than 500 attendees in just two months. Crafted new sales strategies which improved the company’s overall sales process. Prepared and managed marketing budget. Scheduled and executed marketing activities. Developed a presence on YouTube for Cryptzone, making 90 informative online videos about the company and its products. Managed rebranding efforts. Established the Professional Services Department. Installed and set up Cryptzone Solutions for the company’s largest clients. Acted as the Chairman of the Product Steering Team. Analyzed customer needs and relayed results to developers. Innovated and developed new product features.