A lot of sales managers don’t seem to know what sales enablement is.

I’m sure of all of us have experienced a terrible sales manager and sales structure. You attend endless sales meetings that never gives you anything. You feel unappreciated, and every sale is a fight through the internal bureaucracy. Yes, I have been there too.

A few months back I wrote a popular article, “My take on the 7 success factors for B2B Sales” where I explored if I was new to B2B sales where would I start? This month I have been thinking about the role of sales managers and how a well-executed sales team should work.

Sales Enablement helps you become the kickass sales manager

I did a lot of research, and I found a brilliant Infographic that describes what I am working on at the moment and how I do it. Below is a list of what I did when I started at my latest venture

  1. First I implemented a new marketing system and CRM
  2. Outlined the Sales Process with the help of my tool How to design a sales process for B2B
  3. Created a sales and marketing strategy
  4. Created a lead nurturing program
  5. Updated all power points
  6. Built sales tools in the form of blog articles and email templates
  7. Implemented weekly and daily sales meeting

Now, this is all great but to be honest, I still have a long way to go before I reach level 4 in the Infographic below. All the work mentioned above was done in a few months, and we are still missing a lot of sales tools and both the sales process and lead nurturing program need improvements. But this is a good start. I hope you will be as inspired by the infographic below as I was. Good luck!

Sales Enablement Infographic

Use Sales Enablement to Become a Kickass Sales Manager