In December 2012 I got a letter that I was not expecting at all. I had left Cryptzone Group in September where I was a manager. The letter was from one of the employees and when I opened it I found a personal note and two lottery tickets. First I did not really understand because I was not expecting anything. But when I read it, I felt amazingly good. The employee explained that he really appreciated all the support he got from me as a manager. It really meant a lot to me. I love to be engaged and help employees to grow and evolve. I do this without any expectations at all but it felt so good to be appreciated.


The lesson here is that as appreciated I felt getting this letter, I need to make sure that employees feel the same when they work extra hard, go the extra mile and when they engage. We all need to make sure that we show appreciation for what other people do for us. No matter if it is a boss, an employee, friends, your family or your partner.