3 awesome growth tools for your business – Celebrating 200 000 helped

By Daniel Nilsson on August 27, 2017 in Blog, Growth Tools, Inspiration, Marketing, Sales, Tips

I never imagined or even dreamed that the three growth tools I created 2013 would help more than 200 000 people to grow their business. At that time I was thinking a lot about what I want from life and I set a dream goal for myself. Before I leave this planet I want to help 100 million people. Yeah I know it is a lot of people. But nothing is impossible.

Today I am happy to announce that I have helped 200 000 people with the help of the three growth tools I have created ( you find them presented below ). I humbled, proud and excited. The coming 10 years I hope to help 10 million with these tools. Let’s do it!

I wanted to help others understand the process 

Back in 2013 I was working for an investment company and had to do a lot of research and investigations in companies. I was also working as an interim COO for a small marketing company where I spent most of my time building a plan for a new business concept.

I read reports, blogs, articles, etc and I noticed how hard it was to get a grip and understanding for processes for how to grow companies from scratch and develop the core processes.

To help myself and to explain to investors and co-workers I created presentations that explained how I saw the processes. Later on I converted these presentations into a more public format and I published them at SlideShare.

Amazing 200 000 views 

4 years later I have more than 200 000 views on my presentations and I get thank you emails and praise from people that have used the presentations. If you like my presentations I would really appreciate if you share them and spread my work.

3 awesome business tool to help you grow 

Below you find the tools I created. Please enjoy and I would love any feedback or comments. Click on the image to read the article and see the Slideshare.


How to design a sales process for b2b sales


how to create value proposition for b2b by Daniel Nilsson


14 steps to build and create a professional partner reseller program by Daniel Nilsson


Bonus tool – How to create Customer Profiles 


How to create customer profiles / buyer personas for B2B Sales



The three growth tools as power point presentations


How to create a strong value proposition for B2B


How to define a sales process for B2B sales


14 steps to build a professional partner program

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