4 Amazing Business Tools to Help You Grow

4 amazing tools to help you grow by Daniel Nilsson


Thank you for letting me help you! My objective is to help over 100 million people before I die and now I am one more person closer to the goal.

I have created all these tools because I could not find any good books or information on the subject. I hope that my processes and collected material will help you. If you have any questions you can contact me at info@daniel-one.com and I love feedback so don’t hesitate to reach out!


Tool 1 – How to create strong value propositions for B2B 

Creating good text and value propositions when you sell B2B products and services can be really hard. Many times I see texts that are too egocentric, product oriented or just filled with “key” word descriptions that have no value such as innovative, global, life changing, etc. This tool will help you understand what a value proposition is and you will get 4 amazing tools to create the best value proposition of your life.

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Tool 2 – How to define a sales process for B2B 

Sales is not a magic skill or something you are born with. Sales is hard work, learned skills and process. A lot of companies have sales processes that are produced by a management team or leader that don’t know what they are doing. Creating a sales process is hard work and if you do it really well you have an amazing tool to better understand your sales process and how you can improve it.

I have created this tool for how you can create a sales process for B2B with a series of steps you need to take and examples of some really good sales processes.

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Tool 3 – 12 steps to build a professional partner program 

A great way to get your product to the market is to find resellers and partners that can help you deliver a higher value to the customer. This can be done through a local reseller that already have an established relationship with the customer or it can be through a partner that helps the customers to implement your solution.

To set up and manage partners is complicated and many managers complain that their partners are not selling as much as expected and that they are not engaged. A well design partner program can help you to drive a more successful reseller / partner program.

I have created this tool to help you understand how to build a partner program professionally.

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Tool 4 – 11 steps to boost your international growth 

Multiple times I had the mission to design how a company should enter a new market or go from local to global. I created this process and flow to remind myself what steps I take making sure I don’t miss anything. Have you done all these things good enough taking your company global?

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