How to Kickstart your Channel Partner Program

One of my life goals is to help 100 million people before I leave this planet. One thing I have done is to create several SlideShare presentations that explains how to do a Value Proposition, B2B Sales Process and my 14 step how to build a partner program. The success of my presentations are wild and to this date over 120 000 people has used them.

Last week I got a message on Twitter that Docurated has selected my SlideShare presentation “14 steps to build a partner program” as one of ten great resources to kickstart your channel partner program.

As you can imagine I am very proud and they wrote a very nice review about my presentation and listed it as nr 1 just above the resources from the marketing giant Hubspot. Below you can see what they wrote.

Daniel Nilsson Partner Program

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Check out the presentation - How to build Channel Partner Program

If you would like to check out my 14 steps to build a partner program you can click HERE.

14 steps to build a professional partner program  from Daniel Nilsson

Example of how I built a hugely successful partner program

Read my article - How I built a hugely successful partner program and you can too (In-depth). It's a concrete example of how I built a partner program from scratch. The partner program was so successful that over the  three-and-a-half years, we recruited over 30 partners from all over the world who were instrumental in signing on over 100 of the world's biggest mobile operators.