Motivational speeches helped me, and now I want them to help you.

We all have the issue. We don’t have the energy to work hard, to reach our dreams and we need motivation.

We need a battery to supercharge ourselves. Sure, you can meditate, eat right and exercise but on some occasions, we need someone else to tell us what we need to hear.

I feel that motivational speeches helped me through some hard times. I need to hear that I should keep on fighting and not give up. To take emotional control and understand that what I feel, is something everyone feels.

To understand that I do have the power, the grit, and the mind to take myself through it.

A YouTube Playlist to reprogram your mind

For several months I listened to hundreds of YouTube Clips of motivational speeches. I decided to compile a playlist for myself with the absolute best. Talks, concepts, and ideas that make me realize new things every time I listen to them.

I want to share these with you. I aspire to help you reprogram your mind and find new energy you did not even know you had.

Play the list while you are walking, sitting on a bus, a subway or just while you are cleaning at home. Keep your body busy and make your mind available for new ideas.

Motivational Speeches to help

I have collected over 20 videos with hours of material. Listen to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steve Jobs and some of the best compilations of motivational speeches. You can either watch the videos on this web page by clicking the video below. Or click HERE to open a new window with the entire playlist.  You can easily choose your favorite video and share the list with friends and colleagues.

I hope you enjoy it!