I am very passionate about sales and processes, and I would like to share the Sales Tools that I use to be more efficient and close more deals.

Sales Tool 1 – Hubspot Sales  

Why is it so good?

One of the hardships being in sales is that you send hundreds of emails and often don't get any response or feedback. It is tiring, and many times you don’t know if anyone ever sees your emails. Hubspot Sales is a solution to this problem.

What do I get?

The sales tools Daniel Nilsson from Sweden use - Sidekick
  • See who opens and clicks your emails - Show you if someone received and opened an email. It works directly from Google mail, Apple Mail, and Outlook.
  • Profiles in your inbox - See relevant information for the receiver as you type in your inbox.
  • Schedule emails - Write emails now and send them later
  • Templates - Create templates of emails you send often
  • Email sequences - Create email sequences and send out to your leads

What you get if you pay

  • Figure out your best performing sales emails - Create ready to go email templates for your most common emails and measure how efficient they are.
  • Know what content that closes deals - Upload documents to Hubspot, send it to your client and get notified when the document is opened and what pages that was viewed.
  • Follow up efficiently with Email sequences - Create multiple emails and then send them automatically in a sequence to a client.

How do I get this tool?

Go to Hubspot Sales and sign up

Sales Tool 2 – Calendly  

Why is it so good?

Ok, let's schedule a meeting! And there you have it. It is just so cumbersome for both you and the client. You create 3 time slots send them to the client that doesn't reply for two weeks and when they answer that time slot is booked for another client. Do I need to continue? Calendly solves this issue to both you and your client's convenience.

What do I get?

  • Make it possible for clients to book a meeting with you easily - You client easily see your available time slots.
  • Automatic sync with your calendar - Automatic sync with your Office 365 or Google calendar.
  • Automatic booking - When your client finds a time slot it is one click, fill in some information and then click OK. A meeting invite is automatically sent out and both the client and you have the meeting in your calendars.

What you get if you pay

  • More than one meeting type - With the paid version you can have several different meeting types.

How do I get this tool?

Go to calendly.com  and sign up

Daniels Tip on how to use Calendly

I have added the meeting link to all my emails to allow clients to quickly book a meeting with me. Also when I suggest meetings I ask people to go to my link and see what time slots that are available. Below you can see how my Calendly page.

The sales tools Daniel Nilsson from Sweden use - Calendly

Sales Tool 3: Zoom

Use Zoom: zoom.us

Apart from all these tools, you can also use Zoom to conduct web meetings. I love using this web meeting tool as it is really easy to use and connect with  customers.

Why you should use Zoom too:

  • You don’t need an app and can connect using your browser.
  • Work on mobile too with the mobile screen-sharing feature.
  • A prospect can call using international numbers as well.

Bonus Tool: Qualifier.ai

Use Qualifier: Qualifier.ai

Why is it so good? Prospecting and outreach can be really boring and time consuming. Qualifier.ai automates prospecting, finding emails and outreach, so you can focus on closing deals.

What do I get?

Qualifier.ai allows me to:

  • Access a database of emails.
  • Reach people both globally and locally.
  • Automatic follow up.
  • They also have a service where they offer a personal copywriter.

Bonus Tool: GetAccept

Get this tool: getaccept.com

Why is it so good? There are two reasons. First, if you have issues with your sales process where deals get stuck, you can use this tool to track prospect interaction and identify issues. Second, if you have a lot of customers and low margins you can use this tool to increase efficiency.

What do I get?

GetAccept allows me to:

  • Send sales documents and track prospect interaction.
  • Chat and hold video call with prospect.
  • Edit contracts in real time.
  • Sign contracts using e-signature.

Bonus Tool: Mailchimp

Get this tool: Mailchimp.com

Why is it so good? Mailchimp is super easy to use and offers beautiful templates for email send outs, landing pages and sign up pages for joining a newsletter list. I use Mailchimp to send content to all my followers. The best part is the automation – once a person signs up, an automated email flow starts sending them articles I have written.

What do I get?

Mailchimp allows me to:

  • Easily create, design and send email newsletters.
  • Add a sign up box to my homepage.
  • Create beautiful landing pages.
  • Set up and manage ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Bonus Tool: Zapier

Get this tool: zapier.com

Why is it so good? This tool is the best invention since the creation of the car and airplane. It allows you to link your web apps so that they can share information, allowing you to automate workflows. I use it for automated social media posts, to get leads into Slack, for automated email replies and so on.

What do I get?

Zapier allows me to:

  • Create automation for any app and multiple apps.
  • Send automated emails.
  • Set up task in CRM automatically.
  • Create social media posts automatically.
  • Send information into Slack.
  • Update Google Sheets automatically.

Sales Tools Conclusion

I hope that you will have great use of these Sales Tools and if you have some great tips, please send me an email at info@new.daniel-one.com. Good Luck!