10 Powerful Productivity Apps I Love for My Apple Mac

I continuously look for new ways, tools, perspectives, and ideas to be more productive and reach my goals. Imagine if you could produce 5% more? How many days of productivity is that worth per year?These are my ten favorite apps for Apple Mac that help me be productive and efficient.

1. Evernote - Organize and search all your notes

There is a lot of data, ideas, and thoughts to be organized. I use Evernote to help me with this job. I have created several Notebooks where I organize business cards, recipes, essential receipts, great knowledge articles, meeting notes for work, my private thoughts, lists of anything, research for trips, great restaurants I visited, yes I save anything that I may need later.Once in the system, everything is searchable and accessible to find both on your Mac and all other devices you may use. The search has saved me many times when I could not remember the details. Today I have over 1100 notes and what I find extra useful is my collection of the best, knowledge articles I have ever read. I use them frequently for work when I need a reminder on best practice.

2. Wunderlist – The beautiful to do list

This task tool is easy to use and very practical. I use Wunderlist on my computer, phone, and iPad. I can quickly add tasks on the fly and once on my laptop, I organize all my tasks into lists and priority.I use the Get Things Done methodology, and Wunderlist is compliant with the method. What I like is that you can organize tasks by date, lists, and priority. Every day I review tasks that need to be done and prioritize them.

3. Dropbox – File sync and backup to the cloud

Backup is always tricky, and I have tested several solutions. My favorite and choice for my data are Dropbox. All my important documents are stored in the cloud and automatically synced between all my computers and my phone. I can easily share documents and folders with others, and I never had issues.

4. Photos – Organise your photos

Pictures are documents of our lives. Memories I don’t want to forget, and the organization of them are essential to me. I use an iPhone to take pictures on a day to day basis, and I even use it on my vacations. I have concluded that a more advanced camera is heavy to carry and is annoying to me.My solution to this is to use my iPhone to take photographs and then have them automatically synced to Photos using iCloud. Photos then help me to view my pictures of events, dates, faces or places. Also, I have added all my old photographs so I can see my 52 000 photos on any device. I love it!

5. Spotify – Music in my ears

Being productive in noisy and disturbing environments can sometimes be difficult. My solution to this is Spotify, a clouded music service that you can have on your mobile device and your computer. They offer millions of songs, and one of the best features is “Playlist” where you create your own or listen to other people’s playlists of great music. Spotify also generates unique playlists just for you. They are brilliant and help you discover new exciting music.

6. Grammarly

English is not my first language. Grammarly teaches me and helps me to correct what I write on the fly both in browsers and in the Grammarly app. It ranks my text and suggests changes and corrections. I don't know what I would do without it.

7. Pocket – Save an article for later

There are many well-written and exciting articles, but sometimes you don’t have the time to read a long article. Then I use Pocket to save it for later. Pocket is available for all type of devices and makes it possible to store the content of a web page or article. If you are doing a long flight make sure to sync the apps and you can read all the content without internet.

8. Skype – Call anyone

This fantastic app has been around for a long time and is for me the best app for chat and calling business associates. It works well no matter where you are and I think the quality is excellent.

9. 1Password – Manage your logins, passwords, and credit cards

Today we use many sites and services, and they all require a login. Remembering all logins and password are very difficult. I use 1Password to save and store all my usernames, passwords, codes, credit cards, etc.

10. aText

Both private and for business there are sentences and text that I write over and over again. aText is a typing accelerator that helps me to accelerate my typing by replacing abbreviations with frequently used phrases that I have defined.