About Daniel Nilsson

Daniel Nilsson Passion he is a Customer Centric Growth Strategist from Sweden

Passion for Growth

For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about growth. When I was a kid, I was building entire towns with Lego, all excited about the idea to make it grow. At high school I started two companies within the Junior Achievement Program and after school I started a café in south of Sweden. When I meet people I always try to give them something, to help them become better or experience new things.

Tony Robbins, the world famous life coach, defines growth as one of the six fundamental needs humans have in common. My passion for growth has always been there and I believe that without growth our, souls die. With constant challenge, we become a better version of ourselves and we feel truly alive.

Daniel Nilsson life goals he is a Customer Centric Growth Strategist from Sweden

My Life Goal – Positive Effect for 100 Million People

I have this fire inside myself that I want to make a difference. I feel that I want to do my part to help the world grow. As a personal goal for my life I have decided that I want to create a positive effect for over 100 million people all over the world.

Yes this is a high set goal but just as growing companies most goals feels difficult to reach. My philosophy is to just start. One by one you help people and then you invent ways to help 10 per day. A few years later you invent ways to help 100 per day. 40 years later you reach the high set goal. 100 million people. Nothing is impossible.

Daniel Nilsson personal growth he is a Customer Centric Growth Strategist from Sweden

My Personal Growth

I constantly try to challenge myself and grow in several aspects of my own life. I love the feeling of improvement and growth.

Productivity & Performance

How we feel is important and I improve my productivity with the right food and routines. I wrote a popular article “Eat this genius food to be super productive – Supercharge your day with these productivity booster foods” explaining what I have done to be productive and have as much energy as possible during the day.

Mind & Meaning

Mediation is an important part of my routine to train my mind and to understand myself and my feelings better. I wrote an article about Headspace, an app I use for my daily mediation routine and growth. You can read it here -> The value of meditation for leaders

Health & Vitality

For more than two decades I have made sure to constantly exercise and treat my body like a temple. For me this has been important since long work weeks and constant stress is never good. With exercise I have been able to handle the stress. Read my 5 hands on tips on how to handle stress by clicking here.

Daniel Nilsson life adventure he is a Customer Centric Growth Strategist from Sweden

Life Is An Adventure

For me life is an adventure and it is full of amazing and scary experiences. We go through life experiencing love, sadness, anger, shame and happiness. I believe you need to embrace it all and see it as gifts to help you develop and grow.

I love to be on an adventure. I have visited almost all continents on the planet and I have experienced some of the most amazing and beautiful places that bring me to peace just thinking about them.

Daniel Nilsson family he is a Customer Centric Growth Strategist from Sweden

Family & Spare Time

To me, my family is important and I try to stay in touch with my nine siblings and parents as much as I can. When I don’t travel, study and spend time with my family I meet friends, spend quality time with myself to recharge my batteries and exercise. I go to the gym several times per week and I try to do at least one running race every year.

Daniel Nilsson odd facts he is a Customer Centric Growth Strategist from Sweden

Odd Cacts About Daniel Nilsson

  • Love Swedish cinnamon buns
  • Have a stamp and a coin collection but not collecting actively anymore
  • Loves giraffes
  • You can visit him any day of the week and his home is in perfect order
  • Favourite drug – Coffee

Photos From Life

Below you find my Instagram flow with images from my life.