My über Popular SlideShare is Updated – How to craft Customer Centric Value Propositions

By Daniel Nilsson on April 24, 2016 in Growth Tools, Inspiration, Marketing, Sales, Tips

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I really love to help people. 2013 I created a power point, a presentation on how to create value propositions and uploaded it to SlideShare. A forum to share presentations. Today 37 000 people have viewed the it and I get thank you emails and thank you comments weekly. I am so grateful for being able to help people and inspire.

Updated design

As a celebration I decided to do a retake and update the design to be more modern and easier to read and understand. I hope you like it.

Please share

And … if you like it please comment, share and send it to all your business friends. Enjoy!

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Growth Strategist from Sweden. Believe growth is founded in a customer centric approach and he uses this focus when helping people and organizations grow. He creates strategies, tools and processes that once implemented, creates a shift, moving people and organizations from good to amazing. Daniel has over 18 years’ experience of growing organizations. He is the co-founder to Sweden’s leading student magazine, Metro Student. He is the creator of the world's leading tool for building partner programs. He has helped several organizations transform from good to amazing.


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