Stress Killer Tips That Works Even When Life Gives You Lemons

By Daniel Nilsson on April 5, 2016 in Blog, Inspiration, Tips

5 hands on tips on how to handle stress

I have worked really hard my entire life starting and growing companies. Here are my 5 top tips to handle day to day stress to extreme stress.

Exercise – Yeah I know what you will say.  You don’t have time, it is not fun etc. Well if you are working your 60-80 hours weeks there are no alternative. You see it is proven productivity goes down if you work to much. What you need to keep it up, is an hour where your brain only do one thing and you clean out all brain clutter. And this can only be done by working out in some kind of way. I had some of my best moments of insight and problem solving standing in the shower after a work out. It is like the brain was working while my consciousness was busy sweating.


Meditation – Life is not always fun. Sometimes life gives you lemons. And then I mean a lot of lemons. Tragedy, sadness, extreme stress, etc. Meditation is the best way to handle this. You only need 10 minutes per day and it will help you improve your leadership. Yeah sure I know…. I don’t like this new age stuff either but don’t worry. My suggestion works and is simple to use. You should use HeadSpace. I wrote an article about this amazing app that is so simple and easy The value of meditation for leaders. It is just a great guy talking and leading you. He will calm you down in a minute or two.


Eat right – You are what you eat. That is how simple it is. If you eat shit you will produce shit and feel shit. If you eat healthy, you will be healthy, productive and you will feel energetic. So how can you do this in a simple way? I suggest you read Tim Ferris book the 4-hour body. If you follow his tips your stress will go down and you will feel much healthier. And as a bonus you will get an amazing body. Is it hard? No his formula is dead simple and you will be surprised how simple it will be to change. I have integrated his formula in my life and you can read about my daily routine for success by Clicking Here – Eat this Genius Food to Be Super Productive.


Make space to enjoy yourself – We are all different and we enjoy different things. Whatever makes you happy and relaxed. Do it! For me it is spending time with my friends, family and to travel and see the world. What is yours?


STOP –  When your stress level is very high you will most likely make your worst misstakes. Then simply stop what you are doing. Go home, call a friend, meditate, take a break, do what feels god. But just STOP.


Ok that was my 5 tips. I hope they will work just as well for you as for me.

All the best


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