3 Amazing Sales Tools I Use Every Day

By Daniel Nilsson on October 13, 2015 in Blog, Growth Tools, Inspiration, Tips

I am very passionate about sales and processes and I would like to share some amazing Sales Tools that I personally use to be more efficient and close more deals.

Sales Tool 1 – Sidekick 

Why is it so good? 

One of the hardships being in sales is that you send hundreds of emails and often don’t get any respons or feedback. It is tiring and many times you don’t know if anyone ever sees your emails. Sidekick is a solution to this problem.

What do I get?

  • The sales tools Daniel Nilsson from Sweden use - Sidekick See who opens and clicks your emails – Show you if someone received and opened an email. It works directly from Google mail, Apple mail and Outlook.
  • Profiles in your inbox – See relevant information for the receiver as you type in your inbox.
  • Schedule emails – Write emails now and send them later

What you get if you pay

  • Figure out your best performing sales emails – Create ready to go email templates for your most common emails and measure how efficient they are.
  • Know what content that closes deals – Upload documents to Sidekick, send it to your client and get notified when the document is opened and what pages that was viewed.
  • Follow up efficiently with Email sequences – Create multiple emails and then send them automatically in a sequence to a client.

How do I get this tool?

Go to getsidekick.com and sign up


Sales Tool 2 – Calendly  

Why is it so good? 

Ok lets schedule a meeting! And there you have it. It is just so cumbersome for both you and the client. You create 3 time slots send them to the client that don’t reply for two weeks and when they reply that time slot is already booked for another client. Do I need to continue? Calendly solves this issue to both you and your clients convenience.

What do I get?

  • Make it possible for clients to book a meeting with you easily – You client easily see your available time slots.
  • Automatic sync with your calendar – Automatic sync with your Office 365 or Google calendar.
  • Automatic booking –  When your client find a time slot it is one click, fill in some information and then click OK. A meeting invite is automatically sent out and both the client and you have the meeting in your calendars.

What you get if you pay

  • More than one meeting type – With the paid version you can have several different meeting types that can be booked.

How do I get this tool?

Go to calendly.com  and sign up

Daniels Tip on how to use Calendly

I have added the meeting link to all my emails to allow clients to easily book a meeting with me. Also when I suggest meetings I ask people to go to this link calendly.com/daniel-nilsson and see what time slots that are available. Below you can see how my Calendly page looks like.

The sales tools Daniel Nilsson from Sweden use - Calendly


Sales Tool 3 – Wunderlist 

Why is it so good? 

I really love this really easy to use To Do list and I love it because I have it on all my devices, it is synced and it is so easy for me to add new tasks. Below you can see an image of my Wunderlist

The sales tools Daniel Nilsson from Sweden use - Wunderlist

What do I get?

  • Add all your tasks – Keep track of all your tasks and when you need to get them done
  • Sort into groups – I have all tasks sorted into different type of groups and projects so I better get an overview
  • Assign tasks to colleagues –  I love that I can easily assign a task to a colleague and when the task is done I get notification on my phone and my computer.
  • Multiple devices – You ca use this tool on multiple devices, making it easy to manage tasks wherever you are.

How do I get this tool?

Go to www.wunderlist.com/signup and sign up


Sales Tools Conclusion

I hope that you will have great use of these Sales Tools and if yo have some great tips please send me an email at info@daniel-one.com. Good Luck!


Presentation of the sales tools that speed up my sales cycle

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