Airbnb #OneLessStranger combined with Not My Arms Challenge

By Daniel Nilsson on February 14, 2015 in Blog, News

2014 I decided to rent out the extra room in my apartment and I joined Airbnb. For you who know me, I love to travel and I truly believe it gives you new perspectives of life and is good for health. I could not help myself from getting engaged and making sure my guests had a really good time. After a few months I could call myself an Aibnb Super Host.

In January I got a message from Airbnb that they chosen me for their #OneLessStranger campaign, a social experiment to reduce the number of strangers in the world, one kind, inventive and endearing act at a time. More info at

I loved the idea and I contacted my friends Jack and Eskil that just recently started a YouTube channel. We spent several hours trying to come up with brilliant ideas and suddenly we found it. We decided to combine the Airbnb #OneLessStranger campaign with the not my arms challenge. The twist: Not My Arms Challenge with a complete stranger at the train station of Gothenburg. We had so much fun recording this video and we even had an audience watching us and laughing.

Check out the result below!

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